GAME Change Summit

GAME Change Summit

The next Summit date will be announced soon.

Each Summit will be an engaging meeting of GAME Change leadership, partners, collaborators, and community representatives to discuss and validate the structure, strategy, and progress of GAME Change for optimal impact.

We are excited to announce the release of Part I of our GAME Change Summit video series, which will be a collection of videos created from the August’s Summit and Workshop. Watch the video that further explains GAME Change’s “why” created and produced by Middle Tech (@middletech). We will be unveiling Part II soon.

GAME Change Workshop and Summit #1 Summary:

On August 23 and 24, the GAME Change coalition hosted its first Major Gap Validation Workshop and Summit at Dale Hollow Lake State
Park, with more than 100 attendees from industry, institutions of higher education, economic development organizations, workforce training organizations, investment firms and local and state government, to begin to build a plan for developing an innovation ecosystem in the Southeastern Commerce Corridor (SCC) of Kentucky and Tennessee for circular economy technologies for sustainable
manufacturing.  Topics discussed at the event included:

  • Unmet needs of industry and society related to sustainable manufacturing
  • Capabilities of the region to support an innovation ecosystem responsive to identified unmet needs
  • Community impact
  • Inclusive innovation practices
  • Kentucky and Tennessee partnership advantages and needs
  • Working Group next steps for development of respective Game Plans
  • Governance

The breakdown of stakeholder representation at the event included:

  • 37% from industry
  • 39% from Institutions of Higher Education
  • 5% investment firms
  • 19% from economic development, government, workforce training organizations

The morning session of the Major Gap Validation Workshop on August 23 resulted in 8 different breakouts of at least 13 people, with each breakout facilitator being asked to facilitate responses from their group to 3 core questions:

  • What are the top unmet needs in advanced manufacturing and supply chain logistics?  Please document short-term, mid-term, and longer-term needs.
  • How could solutions that reduce/reuse waste and increase efficiencies improve economic competitiveness and sustainability in the industry(ies) we serve, or societal impacts in the communities we live in?
  • As we develop our plan to collaborate with industry to test and implement solutions, what are the most important things we should consider or can do to be a good partner with industry and our community, including especially with respect to (a) “speed to market” and (b) diversity, equity and inclusion considerations and actions?

In the afternoon, the Workshop divided into five breakouts: (1) Full Product Lifecycle, (2) Supply Chain Innovations, (3) Industrial Energy Efficiencies, (4) Collaborative Robotics, and (5) Digital Integration.

A Summary Report was drafted and distributed to all attendees of the Workshop and Summit, as well as to all stakeholders and recipients of the GAME Change In-GAME Report. If you are interested in learning more about GAME Change and receiving the periodic In-GAME Report to follow our progress as we work on the major takeaways from the event, please SIGN UP HERE.


Photos from GAME Change Workshop and Summit #1