NSF Engines Development Award:

Advancing carbon centric circular economy technologies for advanced manufacturing solutions (KY, TN)

The research, education, economic development, industrial and manufacturing leaders of the Southeastern Commerce Corridor (SCC) of Kentucky and Tennessee received an NSF Engine Development Award to establish a coalition whose mission is to Generate Advanced Manufacturing Excellence for Change (GAME Change) in the Southeastern Commerce Corridor (SCC). 

The GAME Change Engine will create a diverse innovation and talent development hub that secures U.S. competitiveness in Next-Generation Manufacturing (NGM) and supply chain logistics, supports closed-cycle manufacturing to reduce waste and increases efficiencies for self-sustaining economic growth. By 2034, the Southeastern Commerce Corridor (SCC) will be a global leader in next-generation manufacturing and supply chain innovation for the circular economy, supported by an inclusive and diverse workforce.  

GAME Change will leverage the sharing of unmet needs to catalyze use-inspired research and translate innovations to practice, increase the growth of Next-Generation Manufacturing (NGM) and materials entities in the region, grow and re-skill the region’s diverse workforce with 21st-century Next-Generation Manufacturing (NGM) know-how, and establish a robust innovation ecosystem. In addition, the Engine will support full product lifecycle management across sectors, including automotive, aerospace, energy, food & beverage and materials. 

GAME Change’s leadership includes four R1 universities with strong manufacturing research expertise, three doctoral institutions, R2 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), a national laboratory, more than 30 community and technical colleges, and Kentucky and Tennessee counterpart representatives of state government and tech-based economic development organizations. The leadership is supported by more than 50 other collaborating partners across Kentucky and Tennessee, including more than 20 companies representing multiple industries in the region.

Game Change Leadership Team

Project Director

Ian McClure, J.D., LL.M., University of Kentucky

Talent & Workforce Development

Dr. Kris Williams, KCTCS

Innovation Leadership

Monique Kuykendoll Quarterman, Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development

Use-Inspired Research & Development

Dr. Doug Adams, Vanderbilt University

IDEA Engine

Kayla Meisner, Kentucky Commercialization Ventures

Ecosystem of Partners & Industry

Marc Gibson, University of Tennessee at Knoxville

Innovation Translation to Practice

Robert Turner, Tennessee State University

Scale Centers & Vendor Studios

Will Metcalf, University of Louisville

Evaluation & Assessment

Dr. Shannon Sampson, University of Kentucky

Speed to Market

Vijay Kamenini, Metals Innovation Initiative

Core Partners



In its Development Phase, GAME Change will further organize its coalition and design an actionable strategic plan to investigate use-inspired problems, test solutions and translate innovations to market related to gaps in sustainable Next-Generation Manufacturing (NGM) and logistics.

Current State

Enabling Technologies

Future Vision


GAME Change Engine

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